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The 45eme Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne was originally created in 1643 as the Regiment de la Reine-Mere. It was part of the Armee d'Italie in 1792-94 and formed part of the l'Interieure and de Reserve during the period 1795-99. A flag taken at the fall of Mantua on 30 July 1799, and currently on show  in the Army Museum in Vienna, belonged to the 3e bataillon 45eme and has the Pont de Lodi, Bataille de Castiglione, combat sur la Brenta, Bataille d'Arcolo, 1re et 2e Bataille de Rivoli and the Bataille de St George shown on it.

n 1802 the Regiment saw service in Switzerland and from 1802 to 1805 it was part of L'Armee de Hanovre. The Regiment took part in the campaigns in Austria, Prussia, and Poland and was sent to Spain and saw service at Talavera, Chiclana,  Albuhera, Alba de Tormes, Vittoria and in Germany at Dresden in 1813. The rest of the regiment were seeing action at Nivelle, Orthez, and Toulouse. In 1815 it took part in the Waterloo campaign.

An abridged history of the 45eme Infanterie Regiment de Ligne (1643 - 1898) translated from the original version by Captain X.Poli is available in this link.  An updated and translated version is available in this link.

1643:   Created as Regiment de la Reine-Mere

1666:   Renamed Regiment d'Arois

1673:   Renamed Regiment de la Couronne

1791:  45eme Regiment de Infanterie

1793:  45eme demi-brigade de bataille (formed from the following)

1er bataillon 23e Regiment de Ligne

1er bataillon Volontaires des Basse-Alpes

1er bataillon Volontires de la Lozere

1796:  45eme demi-brgade d'Infanterie de Ligne (formed from the following)

100e demi-brigade de bataille (2e Bat 50eme Regt d'Inf, 7e Bat Vol des Bouches-du-Rhone and Bat Vol de Tarascon)

105eme demi-brigade de bataille (1er Bat, 53eme Regt d'Inf and 1er and 2e Bat Vol du Gers)

Bataillon Volontaires des Basse-Alpes

1803:  45eme Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

The original Latin motto for the Regiment was 'Hanc Coronam Mastreka Dedit' which translates as 'Maastricht gave this crown’.

Regimental War Record (Battles and Combats)

1792:  Valmy and Siege of Lille

1793:  Nerwinden and Wattignies

1794:  Courtrai and Capture of Ypres

1796:  Lodi, Mantoue, Saint-Georges, and Castiglione

1797:  Mantoue

1799:  Magnano, Cassano, Novi, Gavi, and Tortone

1801:  Casa-Nova

1805:  Austerlitz

1806:  Crewitz and Lubeck

1807:  Ostrelenka and Friedland

1808:  Espinosa-de-los-Monteros

1809:  Alcantara, Aspern-Essling, Wagram, Talevera-de-la-Reina,

and Almonacid

1811:  Barrosa, Fuentes-de-Onoro, and Albuera

1812:  Cadiz

1813:  Vittoria, Echalar, Nivelle, and Bayonne

1813:  Dresden and Dantzig

1814:  Garris, Orthez, and Toulouse

1815:  Waterloo

Battle Honours